CEO & Founding Partner

Fernanda has been a travel designer since 2003. She has a passion for traveling and exploring new places in order to create one-of-a-kind journeys and experiences for her clients. She has been in the tourism industry her entire life. She spent most of her childhood in her family’s hotel in Oaxaca, where she worked and discovered her passion for hospitality and travel, as well as her talent for connecting with people. Fernanda has an impressive network of contacts with the best suppliers around the world. She has also received outstanding awards from the tourism industry, such as Virtuoso (Most Admired Travel Advisor in Latin America/Caribbean in 2017) and Marriot Luxury Brands: Celestial Club (Winner in 2019 for Latin America/Caribbean). With Virtuoso, she has served on the opening councils of several hotels. Fernanda worked for three years at the travel magazine Bleu & Blanc and coordinated the hotel book Let’s Go: The Best Escapes in Mexico by Landucci Editores. She studied Hotel Administration at Universidad Iberoamericana and did her international internships in Paris. Fernanda went to boarding school in Lausanne and studied for a time in Paris.


Founding Partner

Alejandra is passionate about travel, adventure, art, and architecture. She lived in Paris and New York, where she worked in a development bank managing the artistic promotion area. She is an art dealer and founding partner of MCP Arte consultancy. Since childhood, Alejandra has had the opportunity to visit many countries while developing a taste for remote places, big cities, culture, the arts, architecture, nature, and conservation. Always active, curious, and passionate about everything that surrounds her, Alejandra seeks to fill her clients’ journeys with one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experiences. This has led her to shape her philosophy: “Travel with purpose.” She always offers that same richness to the content presented to her clients, hoping to impact their lives positively. Alejandra studied Law and Art History at Universidad Iberoamericana and has a diploma in Art Curatorship from Sotheby’s New York.


Founding Partner Peru

In addition to being a partner of T-Journeys Peru, Ignacio is the founder and CEO of Andean Experience, a Peruvian hotel and tourism company specialized in the luxury segment. Currently, the company operates Titilaka, Cirqa, Atemporal, and Peru Empire. He has also worked at Inkaterra and PromPerú.

Previously, Ignacio worked as a Strategy and Competitiveness consultant for Monitor Company and also worked in banking in the United States and Peru. He is currently a member of Relais & Châteaux’s Board of Directors as a delegate from Latin America. Ignacio is an economist with a degree from Cornell University and an MBA from Wharton, University of Pennsylvania.


Founding Partner Peru

Daniela has focused her entire professional life on customer service, which is why her main philosophy is based on personalized attention. She is a passionate travel advisor with over a decade of experience designing tailor-made journeys regardless of distance or destination – from Japan, Iceland, or Nepal to a house in Tuscany or a catamaran in Sardinia. Daniela always considers the client’s profile, tastes, preferences, and what they are genuinely looking for.

She considers that all trips have purpose and charm. Each one exists for a reason and represents different lessons and experiences. In all cases, they are always enriching. Her motto is, “The lived and the traveled are experiences that enrich the soul, and those are the only things that last.” Daniela is a business administrator and also has an MBA.



Since childhood, Pablo has been passionate about gastronomy, culture, and travel. He believes traveling is synonymous with exploring, discovering the best spots, and immersing yourself in the local culture.

Pablo has 15 years of experience as a producer and event coordinator. He is always focused on creating a unique and tailored experience for each of his clients. His vocation is hospitality. He has over 500 events in his portfolio.


Travel Designer

Regina is a seeker, a traveler. For her, each trip represents an encounter. In each place she visits, Regina picks up a little piece of herself in order to return to her home within. She has been organizing travel for more than 14 years. Connecting with the people, energy, and rituals of each destination has always captivated her. Her pilgrimage to Mount Kailash, “Asia’s holiest mountain,” in Tibet in 2005 is one of the most important trips she has ever taken. Years later, she went to the Wirikuta desert, where it is believed that the world originated, given it is there where the sun appeared for the first time on Earth. The Huichols believe important deities live in these lands and claim that everything inhabiting the semi-desert is sacred. Another of her favorite pilgrimage routes is the Camino de Santiago. She walks slowly but surely. Traveling this Earth is a pleasure.


Travel Planner

Angie has a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and 20 years of experience in the industry designing bespoke luxury travel. She has had the opportunity to travel to parts of Europe, India, Jordan, Dubai, and South America, including Peru, which is one of her favorite destinations and the one that surprised her most. Angie is convinced that the little details make a difference and are extremely important for the smooth flow of a trip’s logistics. Her passion is to facilitate and create unforgettable trips for her clients.


Travel Designer

Since childhood, Mónica has had the opportunity to travel and learn about different cultures. She worked at ITG, where she discovered her passion for designing trips and creating memorable experiences for clients while discovering new places around the world.

Mónica loves everything related to gastronomy, and she is convinced that through it, one can come to know a country and its culture better. She studied Hospitality Administration at Universidad Iberoamericana, where she completed internships in various areas of the industry. Mónica also participated in exchange programs in Canada and Paris, where she took the opportunity to travel and get to know different places nearby.


Travel Designer

Carla worked at Grupo Imagen as the host of a film segment. Later, she ventured into the field of acting at the New York Film Academy. These experiences were enriching and allowed her to establish valuable relationships through deep connections with others. She worked for three years at Grupo Editorial Expansión, with InStyle and Quien magazines, where she developed a taste for the world of travel and gastronomy. In 2008, together with her sister, she founded Mosicuss, a women’s accessories brand, which opened doors to the world of culture and fashion. Carla worked at ITG for more than seven years. It was there her true passion was revealed for designing trips and discovering every corner of the world. She believes that to “conquer” a place, you have to walk it, eat it, and drink it. Carla recently joined the T-Journeys team to participate in a project with a renewed vision of the travel world. She creates unique experiences for each traveler, always taking care of every detail. Carla studied Communication at Universidad Iberoamericana.


Travel Designer

Since 1995, Aranzazu has worked in inbound tourism in Peru, organizing groups from various organizations such as Smithsonian, National Geographic, Stanford Alumni Association, Global Heritage Fund, etc. She is passionate about traveling within Peru, which is why she took the time to explore new destinations within the country, in addition to the more renowned ones, such as Cusco and Machu Picchu.

In 2012, Aranzazu had the opportunity to expand her horizons and began selling other international destinations. Her previous experience, coupled with her interest in traveling, led her to visit many places around the world. This allowed her to develop new and interesting trips for her clients.


Travel Advisor

 Gabriela is Peruvian by birth and a publicist by profession, but she is passionate about travel and has been working in tourism since 2016. She has always loved traveling and learning about new cultures, especially exotic destinations. Gabriela is passionate about conversing with local people and learning about their culture and different religions. The beach is one of her favorite destinations. She loves remote beaches in out-of-the-ordinary destinations.

In 2009, Gabriela traveled to Africa for the first time, and she never imagined that it would be such an incredible and exciting destination. After that wonderful experience, she has traveled four more times to different African countries and still has much to discover. When in Africa, Gabriela considers that every trip will always be a unique experience. Even if you return to the same place, you will have new experiences. Each country has its charm and peculiarities, but all share the kindness and joy of their people.

Now, Gabriela enjoys creating trips for her clients as if they were her own. She lives and dreams through them, and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a client return happy from a trip.


Travel Designer

Denisse is a chef by profession. She worked for several years catering and teaching cooking classes. But from a young age, when Denisse began to travel with her parents, she learned that in order to remember everything she visited, she had to keep a kind of travel diary. That meant writing down everything about the cities, towns, cultures, and gastronomy she encountered, as well as taking lots of photos to complement the journals. And that is how Denisse turned what she experienced during her travels into a passion. For years, she shared that passion with friends who asked her for information regarding upcoming trips.

That is why Denisse officially entered the world of travel four years ago. Since then, she has been part of the Peru team, learning a little more every day about the world and the wonder of traveling.


Travel Designer

Celia was born in Lima and studied finance at Boston University. After several years working in banking and the family business, she decided to change her career and dedicate herself to what she likes most: traveling. She loves to organize tailor-made trips and enjoys researching and learning about exotic destinations. Celia is passionate about discovering the world, and she fully believes that the little details make a difference. When she visits a country, she is most interested in discovering the history, markets, and customs. Celia also knows that ending the day at a delicious local restaurant with a glass of wine makes an experience an exquisite one.

Celia was born in Lima and studied finance at Boston University. After several years working in banking and the family business, she decided to change her career and dedicate herself to what she likes most: traveling. She loves to organize tailor-made trips and enjoys researching and learning about exotic destinations. Celia is passionate about discovering the world, and she fully believes that the little details make a difference. When she visits a country, she is most interested in discovering the history, markets, and customs. Celia also knows that ending the day at a delicious local restaurant with a glass of wine makes an experience an exquisite one.



Arely is passionate about travel and always knew that she wanted to work in the industry. She considers it a very noble profession that has given her great benefits and satisfaction. Arely has more than 12 years of experience in the sector and has had the opportunity to travel to Europe, South America, the United States, and Mexico. She most likes helping people make the trip of their dreams come true and knowing that they return with their expectations fulfilled and, in many cases, exceeded. She graduated with a degree in Tourism from Instituto Politécnico Nacional in Mexico and has a specialty in Senior Business Management from UNAM.


Travel Designer

María Luisa was born in Lima and has always been a lover of tourism. She worked for eight years at Air France and lived in Lyon for ten years, during which she traveled throughout Europe, learning and getting to know different cultures. She is passionate about travel and is constantly seeking out new, exotic, and fascinating places. Her greatest desire is to create and offer unforgettable life moments and experiences. She studied Interior Design at Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas and completed language studies in Cambridge, England.

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

—Ibn Battuta


Travel Designer

Rafael was born in Lima and is the son of parents who are passionate about travel. His love for adventure, lifelong learning, and photography has led him to work as a travel advisor since 2017 and to visit 51 countries, to date. Rafael specializes in destinations that include, above all, wildlife, culture, history, landscapes, and sports (like surfing, for example). His passion for conservation tourism makes Africa the continent he recommends visiting the most and is where he always wants to go back.

Rafael studied Humanities at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and has a Master’s degree in International Tourism Management from Ostelea in Madrid. He is currently studying EFTI’s Professional Photography course in Madrid.


Travel Planner

Laura is passionate about order and numbers with professional experience in corporations such as Sabritas (the PepsiCo group). She likes to travel and get to know different destinations around the world. Her launch into the world of tourism has been a great experience for Laura, as she is discovering fascinating and special places to which she would like to travel soon. Laura is an Accounting Technician who graduated from Instituto Politécnico Nacional in Mexico. She is currently studying Business Administration, and in her spare time, she likes to run.


Travel Designer

Since childhood, Cecilia was always restless to discover the world. She lived in London and was an exchange student in Sydney, where she took the opportunity to get to know the surroundings and soak up new cultures. She is also passionate about Mexican culture, which has led her to travel throughout the country. In 2018, Cecilia began working at ITG, where she learned the meaning of customer service excellence. She loves nature and adventure travel, as well as exploring new and unconventional places. But above all, she most enjoys making sure her clients have the best experience and that every detail of the trip is thought out just for them. She now joins the T-Journeys team intending to continue to offer the best service and personalized attention. Cecilia studied Graphic Design at Universidad Iberoamericana and has a diploma in Industrial Design from Centro.



Sergio has more than 30 years of experience in tourism. He has worked at Mexico’s most influential travel agencies, designing and organizing travel. He supports clients in making the best decisions for their trips, offering informed recommendations, suggestions, and advice. For him, this is where his personalized service and attention to detail stand out. Sergio loves interacting with people, as well as getting to know different parts of the world. He has a BA in Business Relations from ESCA (IPN).


Asistente de Marketing

Natalia believes that travel is our greatest teacher because we return from each trip with a new perspective on the world and knowledge that no book can teach you. Trips are the best investment of time and money because you pay for them once but enjoy the memories for a lifetime. From each trip, we return happier, more cultured, and with a stronger desire to continue exploring the world. Natalia is currently in her seventh semester of International Hotel Management at Universidad Anáhuac del Norte. She most enjoys traveling, photography, cooking, and meeting new people.


Travel Designer

Natalia began her career in the corporate world and later ventured into media as the editor of the magazine Quién, part of Grupo Editorial Expansión. Throughout her life, Natalia has enjoyed living in Paris, New York, and currently Mexico City – a place she never tires of discovering. Her true passion is getting to know new places around the world and every corner of Mexico. She defines travel as a unique opportunity to enrich her soul, getting to know other cultures and flavors that make each community very special. Natalia has developed a particular taste for lifestyle and well-being, which is why she greatly enjoys designing experiences based on local gastronomy, art, and cultures. She aims to create wonderful memories that will last in the mind of every traveler she encounters. For Natalia, it is essential to meet people and discover their essence and tastes by listening to their stories. It is then she can recommend tailored experiences. Natalia studied Administration and Finance at Universidad Panamericana.


Travel Designer

Cecile was born in Mexico City to a French father and a Mexican mother. This biculturalism brought her close to France and led to a special interest in art, gastronomy, and l’art de vivre. It was for this reason that as soon as she finished high school Cecile decided to move to Paris to better understand her roots and to explore Europe.

Cecile studied Graphic Design and Fine Arts at Universidad Iberoamericana. While working on her thesis, she spent several months exploring new cultures. Cecile lived in Havana, Cuba, for a few months and visited the region of Mérida, Yucatán, where she discovered its ruins and haciendas while working on a photography collection for artist Michel Zabé.

In 2002, Cecile moved to Stanford, California, where she lived for two years. She then went on to live in Madrid for one year and in Paris for another year. During that time, her passion for travel was born, and she decided that her life was meaningless without constantly exploring new places. Her fate led her back to Europe – Spain and France – for one year. In Madrid, she completed a Master’s degree in Art Restoration at the Reina Sofia University.

She has been fortunate to explore many places around the world with her husband and four children. Travel is a fundamental part of her family’s lifestyle.

Cecile is curious, sociable, and passionate. She loves to spend time getting to know what clients really want from their trips. Thanks to the patience she developed during her Master’s degree in Art Restoration, she has a gift for tirelessly searching for the perfect option for each person and understands the almost inexplicable emotion attached to each experience.

She values life and the importance of details and is very empathetic with her clients. Her priority is to understand them on a deeper level in order to achieve exactly what they are looking for.


Travel Designer

For Lucia, traveling is her greatest passion. She believes that there is no better investment of time and money than traveling with loved ones to magical places and building memories that remain in the soul forever. Mexican by nationality and married to a Colombian, Lucia lives in Miami and is the mother of three children, making her lifestyle one of constant travel. Her specialty is family travel in different parts of the world. She studied International Relations and worked at the Mexican Stock Exchange, which is why she can assure that nothing gives better returns than a well-planned trip with incredible experiences.


Travel Designer

Peruvian by nationality and a psychologist by profession, Claudia focuses on guiding people, couples, and families to find harmony and happiness in their life and relationships. She is also part of the T-Journeys Peru team. With the purpose of recharging energy, discovering new destinations, and redesigning life from what has been lived and learned, Claudia is dedicated to designing vacations that help make your dreams come true.


Travel Designer

Colombian by birth, Andrés is a champion of sustainable tourism. He values how it benefits the soul, as well as social and economic well-being, environmental sustainability, and the protection of cultural heritage. Andrés was the director of the Museum of Latin American Art in Washington, D.C. and has been involved in the travel industry in various capacities. An animal lover, he is passionate about architecture, design, archeology, classical and modern art, baroque music, and Vinyasa yoga. Andrés worked at the Inter-American Development Bank, directing sustainable tourism programs with the support of the National Geographic Society, the United States National Park Service, and Conservation International. His desire to share the magic, adventure, and endless culture the world has to offer motivated him to join the T-Journeys team. Currently, Eastern and Southern Africa are the destinations that interest him most. Andrés graduated from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, where he studied Political Science. He also studied Dramatic Arts at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in New York.


Travel Designer

Patricia has been traveling for a lifetime. Her passion for upscale hotels and gastronomy has made her the perfect advisor, capable of serving demanding and curious clients. Her professional experience in the tourism industry began in Washington D.C., where she worked at the Organization of American States, Department of Commerce and Tourism. She joined the T-Journeys team to share her passion for travel. During her multiple journeys around the world, Patricia has explored avant-garde hotels and restaurants. Her fascination with gastronomy led her to take a French cooking course at Le Cordon Bleu in Madrid. She has a BA in Business from Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. When she is not designing trips, she helps with the co-management of a family ranch in Colombia.


Travel Designer

Mimissa loves traveling and getting to know the most interesting corners of the world. Traveling is a hobby that has been instilled in her since childhood. She enjoys venturing around the world and getting to know beautiful destinations, legendary ethnic groups, and the cultural depth of each destination. Mimissa is always seeking to make each trip an unforgettable experience.

Mimissa is a successful entrepreneur and partner at the jewelry company * ixik *. For 17 years, she has collaborated with different Mexican non-profits at bazaars. Her passion is designing and creating jewelry pieces inspired by the multicultural corners of the world that she discovers on each trip. Her greatest satisfaction is when clients are happy with her work and service.

At the end of 2020, she enthusiastically joined the T-Journeys team, which seeks to create one-of-a-kind experiences for its clients by taking care of all the details. She has a degree in Business Administration from the Universidad Anáhuac del Norte.


Travel Designer

Alexandra grew up traveling with a desire to know, learn, and grow. She is a very structured, disciplined person with excellent organizational skills. She is always in touch with the art world, interested in exploring a work’s hidden elements and understanding the artist’s relationship with their culture, traditions, tastes, and religion. Alexandra lived in New York for 12 years, where she started a family. She studied Modern and Contemporary Art at Christie’s Education NY. She enjoys outdoor sports and likes to explore cities and their hidden corners while running. She crossed the finish line of the Chicago and New York marathons.

For Alexandra, to travel is to forget routine for a while and immerse oneself in a new world full of sensations, life lessons, and unforgettable experiences. She studied Art History at Universidad Iberoamericana, complementing her career with art studies in Florence, Madrid, and Paris.


Director of Photography Journeys

For Alejandra, photography is her therapy and passion. Since childhood, she always had a camera with her and always liked to be in contact with nature, animals, and wildlife. In her early days as a photographer, Alejandra focused primarily on architecture, but the combination of her love for travel and animals has led her to photograph rare and endangered species around the world. She studied photography at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and the New York Institute of Photography. She joined the T-Journeys team to continue sharing her passion.


Our vision is to send you on unique and enriching journeys, creating meaningful and safe experiences.

To inspire and create the future we want to achieve.

To be the most reliable and innovative travel company in the world.

To offer our clients exclusive access and personalized experiences that are
unique and transformative.

To use our expert team to build, design, and inspire specialized trips with truly memorable experiences.

To help individuals and businesses travel purposefully and intelligently.

We believe that the most important thing is teamwork – collaborating and finding a solution together.

We operate openly and promote transparency. Our team members, clients, and communities always know where we stand.

We embrace change and foster innovation. We give the best of ourselves.

We are redefining luxury through transformative experiences, designing journeys to the world’s most unforgettable, soul-enriching destinations. At T-Journeys, we invite you to “travel with purpose” by giving back to the communities that welcome us and taking care of our planet as much as possible.

We want to make a difference.

“Travel with purpose, travel with us”

Let’s create the journey of your dreams.